• 5 days Boot-camp

    Women Startup Competition

    Create your cutting edge Business Model .:. Learn to Pitch .:. Build a winning Strategy .:. Improve your presentation skills .:. learn about IP & legal aspect relevant to your project .:. Learn to develop your international branding, communication .:. Negotiation skills .:. Customer / product development .:. Networking .:. Meet with industry specialists & experts, Investors and market leaders


    LONDON, 25 June - 1 July 2017


    Only for Startups 750 EUR per participant

    5 hours Unplugged Training

    by Women Startup Competition


    Are you about to set up your own company or have you recently started a new business? Do you have friends, who are as enthusiasts as you to implement your creative ideas? If the answer is yes, you should take part in our training!


    Only 16 EUR / ppl

  • Understand how the startup industry is evolving and as a new player how can you successfully step up on this scene

    ...Understand all the major elements, including Business Model Canvas, One Pager, Pitch and Presentation and your capability to alter the payments marketplace, and an objective assessment of their likely impact. The course will identify all of your strengths and weaknesses and help to change these to create an ambitious startup business that shakes up industries.

    Expand Your Knowledge

    4th Women Startup Competition Europe

    ....Understand how the startup market is changing and where the new emerging players are...

    Learn in Depth

    Get attention, grow participation and presentation in your market

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    Get Practical

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    ....Gain insight into your startup to make a strategy and react to the most effective way for changes and ensure to impact market share

    Built your unique network at the finest level

    Meet with influential entrepreneurs, investors and top corporate leaders

    ....The 12+1 Women Startup Competition winners of Europe, that is the regional WSC event winners from: Warsaw, Poland .:. Prague, Czech Republic .:. Vienna, Austria .:. Kotka, Finland .:. Berlin, Germany .:. London, UK .:. Budapest, Hungary, and the fine selection of European Startups, by professionals and experts and the online jury. We also provide the opportunity for one startup chosen by the community selection to participating in the final.

    Meet our experienced and successful mentors and serial entrepreneurs, angel investors and corporate investors.


    In the heart of London beside the Tower - Rainmaking Loft coworking office

    ....Our 5 day-long boot-camp training will show you the most prominent startups from Europe at the Demo Day, taking place at the heart of London.


    25th-30th June, Boot-camp and 1st July, 2017 Demo Day - FREE entrance for Bootcamps participants!

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