• Empowering female founders across Europe

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  • Empowering female founders

    WSC is an independent not-for-profit business incubation platform with the mission to support female entrepreneurs in the critical early years.

    We run our signature program in 10 countries.

    We are a network of individuals who are true believers that we can create a better world.

  • Advocating for a more gender-balanced world

    Female entrepreneurs are a huge untapped potential of the world economy. Still, only less than 3% of VC capital is going to female-founded startups.

  • Leads to a better world

    Gender diversity is not only about making things fair, it directly translates into social, economic and business impact.

    Women bring new priorities and topics into the innovation scene, and they are also more likely to reinvest their profit into society.

  • Our work and impact

    To date, WSC has completed 9 years of the program, and cumulatively supported 620+ female-founded early-stage startups with WSC Ambassadors in 15 countries.

    Through our events, we act as a catalyst to build a supportive ecosystem, we empower women with skills, visibility and important connections.

  • Winners of Women Startup in 2022

    The winners of the 8th Women Startup Competition Final are...

    🥇 Oratis (AUSTRIA)

    First Spiritual Dating App with focus on inner energies which is provided by a special astrology- and personality trait algorithm.

    We believe in making holistic health available for everyone. We created Mahika by Lady Glass®, first immersive wellness in your pocket.

    🥉 myCulture (AUSTRIA)

    myCulture is developing an app that makes it easier for Digital Natives to find and book exhibitions with personalised recommendations.

  • Meet the 2022 Finalists

    Last year we received applicants from the following countries:
    Austria .:. Czechia .:. Pakistan .:. Kosovo .:. Germany .:. Hungary .:. USA .:. Philippines .:. Albania .:. Malaysia


    Bio Cools [ Poland ]
    Body Moody [ Czechia ]
    BookMySpot[ Pakistan ]
    Capsul Fram grow kit, Grow Jar [ Hungary]
    Compot [ Hungary ]
    Eco Solution Research [ Kosovo ]
    Lady Glass [ Germany ]
    myCulture [ Austria ]
    Oratis [ Austria ]
    Praktika.al [ Albania ]
    Wahine Capital [  Malaysia ]

  • Our signature program

    European pitching competition series with a London Final event

    European Pitching Competition Roadshow

    annual programmes in 15 countries for 620+ female-founded startups from 2014 to 2020


    Each year we engage with and help hundreds of female entrepreneurs across Europe and outside Europe. Chapter pitching events in bigest cities then a Final event for best startups from each country. Our program is designed in a way to give tangible support to founders tailor-made to early-stage needs: brand exposure, free mentoring sessions with senior professionals from diverse backgrounds/industries inviting investors and media to our local events, so involving all stakeholders. Giving prizes through our sponsors (products and/or services).


    The event series will regularly end with a multi-day event in cities of investors' choice (London, Budapest, etc. ). If covid and other regulations or budget require, an online version may be held instead of a physical event, which will be announced in advance.


    Final Event: Final 1:1 mentoring with our special experts and a second day Demo Day and investor meetings and exciting speakers.

    All program elements aimed to give female founders access to improve their skills, build corporate connections and network with investors, plus gain brand exposure.

    Application process and program

    Visit back for the 2023 program or sign up for to get the latest updates!

    Find all the local events here: http://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/#events

    Application process and Program:

    1. Announcing local pitching events/dates

    2. Online application

    3. Shortlist selection (10-12 teams) by a panel of experts, inviting teams to the pitching event
    (if there are less than 10 teams per country/venue, the organizers reserve the right to move the competitors to the online "other countries" group and have them compete there. )
    4. Free mentoring sessions for shortlisted teams with senior professionals from diverse backgrounds

    5. Local pitching to a panel of jury, inviting local investors and media (public event, anyone welcome).

    6. Participating on the Final event for 1st place winners from each country, Final Pitching announcing "Best female-founded startup" 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, plus a second day with 1:1 investor meetings for all finalists (If the final event is not online the necessary travel costs are covered by WSC a prize for finalists)

    Application rules, categories

    Startups with majority of women, from any industries

    The pitching competition is not limited to any industries.

    One requirement is that the applicant must be a startup led by female CEO or female-founded/co-founded or Women's share 50% of ownership or the team members has to be women (50%<) an equal gender diversity representation (50%-50%) within the entrepreneurial team or must identify as women in a way that’s significant to them.

    Second requirement is that the startup should be at least at MVP phase or very close to launch, so something tangible to show.

    Our competition is not limited to any industries, however we might have specific sub-categories as part of the competition in collaboration with sponsors or big corporates.

  • Our Team & Ambassadors

    Contributing to social change in local countries

    Women Startup Competition


    Women Startup Competition

    Head of partnership

    Orsolya Bőjte

    Women Startup Competition

    Team of Operation

    Anett Pénzes

    Women Startup Competition

    Team of Operation

    Women Startup Competition

    Sales Associate

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Founder of MyStay

    Tel-Aviv, Israel

    Co-founder of Tech it forward

    Tel-Aviv, Israel

    Co-founder of Tech it forward

    Moscow, Russia

    Founder of Joinmamas

    Vienna, Austria & Pristina, Kosovo


    Tirana, Albania

    "2-AL INSTITUTE", Founder of Kallz, Educational Center

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Global Empowerment Hub

    Warsaw, Poland

    CEO & Founder @ Thrive app & Mind your English

  • Become our partner

    We're committed to partnerships that benefit us both.

    Partnerships for a greater purpose

    Gender diversity leads to a better world

    Partnerships are key for our success

    WSC acts as a catalyst enabling female-founded and diverse startups to spring their business at the vulnerable early stage of inception, through the crucial seed investment.

    We are an independent nonprofit organization, we provide all our support for female founders free of charge. Partners make it possible to create change that we otherwise would not be able to achieve.

    To learn more about partnership opportunities pls. email hello@womenstartupcompetition.com


    Corporate partnerships

    Social good and corporate innovation

    By sponsoring our programs your organization is not only contributing to social good, but it is also an excellent opportunity to meet some of the most promising early-stage female founders from your own industry.

    Each year, we engage with about 300 female-founded or female-led teams from all kinds of industries/verticals (software, AI, biotech/health, sustainability, ed tech, beauty, fashion, media, etc.).


    Media partnerships

    Gender diversity is not a women's issue. It is the world's interest.

    Visibility, addressing unconscious bias, showing positive role models, encouraging more women to start their own business are all important means to create social change.

    Help us to bring this topic to the table!


    Ambassador of country or region

    Be unique and reach the local startup ecosystem easily with us!

    Be our ambassador and connect your community knowledge with the power of our WSC network! Use the power of WSC events to increase your local connections and business opportunities.
    We work with amazing people around the world that build their local startup community with great events every year.
    More details here: https://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/become-an-ambassador



    Other collaborations

    We are always open for any kind of collaboration that is aligned with our mission.

    Pls. contact us, so we can have a chat about how we can support each other.



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    What is Women Startup Competition?

    WSC (Women Startup Competition) is the biggest event of its kind in Europe, where the ratio of female-founded startups is below 27%, and women investors represent as low as 7% of the funding scene. We invite gender-diverse startups (min. 50% has to be owned by women) from all over Europe to inspire, educate and unite female entrepreneurs, and to increase the aforementioned ratios.


    The aim of Women Startup Competition is to grow the presence of women in business, therefore we provide trainings and opportunities for more and more gender-diverse startups. We wish to grow Women Startup Competition worldwide and resupply the startup ecosystem with fresh projects and creative talent.

    Who can apply?

    Startups with a majority of females amongst its founders/co-founders may apply, along with female founded startups, or where 50% of the ownership belongs to women, or where at least 50% of the members are women, or where an equal gender diversity representation (50%-50%) can be found within the entrepreneurial team.

    How can you apply?

    If your team meets the requirements, register your start-up or idea for any of the countries listed here http://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/#events, or if you are in the process of updating your events, you can pre-register here https://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/#2 and we will notify you when registrations open.

    What is the application deadline?

    Application closes one week before each semifinal.

    How are the events built up?

    Startups can apply to pitch at one of our semifinal events around Europe. After the maximum 1/2-day long mini Bootcamp, after Our Jury chooses the top-ranked teams from the semifinal winners.

    How do you know that you were selected to attend the semifinal?

    We will inform you on F6s.com that the system will also send out to your email address. Please check the promotions and spam folders as well.

    Is it required to participate in a semifinal before the final event?

    Yes. :)

    Who can pitch at the semifinal and final?

    Any female member who can represent the startup properly.

    How much time do you have to pitch?

    Your presentation consists of a 2 minute-long pitch and a 4 minute Q & A, where you will be asked questions about your project.

    Can another team member join the pitcher at the Q & A?

    Yes, any member.

    In which languages can you pitch?

    English is the official language of our events. Therefore we use this language at all of our trainings, mentoring and require the pitches to be presented in English as well.

    What should your presentation include?

    In most cases, the presentation should include: the problem, the solution, the business model, the method of spreading it in the market, the competitors, your team and what you need for the next step.

    Can you check the pitches of the previous years?

    Of course, you can find them on our Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/2ATLEHT

    From which stage can you enter the competition?

    You can register at any stage. The jury will select startups with best ideas and where the team is already established.

    Do you need a confirmation before coming to participate in the semifinal and final?

    Yes, you will receive an official confirmation and invitation via our platforms ( pozi.io or f6s.com) .

    What platforms can you use for your pitch deck?

    Any platform you prefer (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, ...). Keep in mind that you should send us the presentation in advance, so our mentors can prepare appropriately to help you in making it even better.

    What materials should your presentation include?

    Any material can be used that may help you in presenting your idea in 2 minutes - presentation, short video, tangible product, etc.

    Does the startup need to be established?

    No, but it can be an advantage when it comes to investors’ and sponsors’ support.

    Is the higher percentage of women members an advantage?

    No, our only aim is a balanced gender diversity.

    If there will be no semifinal in your country, can you enter another country’s?

    Sure, you can choose any semifinal to participate in.

    Who will be in the jury?

    International and local startup geeks, venture capitalists, angel investors, innovation lab leaders of top companies.

    Is there a possibility to watch the pitches in person?

    We are looking forward to welcoming anybody in our audience.

    What prizes do the winners get?

    Above all, our aim is to help our winners continue to thrive through high publicity and direct contacts with investors.
    But we also aim to provide valuable, necessary tools, useful gadgets and services to Teams 1, 2 and 3 that can help them in their daily lives and growth.
    In previous years, prizes have included Macbook Air, Apple iPad, Chinese Investor Program, European coworking passes, Timeular time trackers, etc.
    Last but not least, all our winners and most of the finalists received an investment following the demo day.