5 Reasons You Need To Visit Budapest

    1. It’s one of the most historic cities on the planet.

    Budapest is right on the Danube, which has been home to humans since the Stone Age. The river and its Buda Castle are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Book a nighttime cruise to see them in top form.


    2. It’s a food capital, and for good reason.

    Budapest’s food history spans literal centuries. Check out amazing farmers markets of fruits, veggies and pastries.


    3. Hot springs make the city into a spa playground.

    Hungary is said to have more than 1,000 hot springs thanks to super-thin earth crust. Take a break at one of Budapest’s hot-spring spas like Széchenyi thermal baths, where outdoor pool temps reach about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


    4. And here, wine is an art form.

    Hungary is famous for its vineyards. Weave deep into a cave labyrinth under Budapest’s castle district for a wine tasting you’ll never forget.


    5. You’ll party in “ruins.”

    Ruin pubs are doomed buildings — old cinemas, car parks and apartment buildings — that have been turned into the cheap bars of your dreams. The average bar isn’t too shabby here, either.


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