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    4th Women Startup Competition Europe

    Women Startup Competition was founded in order to give an opportunity for female entrepreneurs and their team members, to meet the investors of their dreams.

    A total of 7 regional Women Startup Competition pre-final events was held in 2017 all over Europe. The Final Demo Day London will take place on the 1st of July, 2017 where the finalists will participate in the 5-days-training session and pitch their ideas.


    Get attention, grow woman praticipation, entrepreneurs and investors

    Increase your chances! 7 winners from 7 local semi-final events get straight through to the London Demo Day final, so you don’t have to compete with all online applicants!

    Ask questions! All other attendees will be channeled into online application where we select another 5 teams to participate at the Demo Day finale.

    Learn to please your audience! Amend your application until the 1st of April as 1 additional team will be selected through audition voting.


    apply.shortlist.training.demo day

    Teams can apply to the pre-finals through F6S, where the winner gets through to the London Demo day Final: https://www.f6s.com/4thwomenstartupcompetition​

    Teams, who can’t attend personally, please apply through our website where another 6 teams, and 1 audience winner will be selected and sent straight to the London Demo Day Final.

    Competition's official website: http://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/


    Winners will be selected by top startup influencers (chosen by online startup communities) and by the local jury, based on their pitches.


    Startups with majority women

    The only requirement set by the organizers is, that the applicants must have at least an equal gender diversity representation (50%-50%) within the entrepreneurial team or the majority of team members have to be women (50%<) or must identify as women in a way that’s significant to them. There are no thematic requirements: any idea owner, entrepreneur or startup can apply who believe that their idea might appeal to their target audience and attract investors. All applications are welcome!


    Heart of London

    Our 5 days preparation training we show you the most prominent startups scenes at Europe and the Demo Day will take place at heart of London.

    7 regional WSC events into next locations: Warsaw, Poland .:. Prague, Czech Republic .:. Vienna, Austria .:. Kotka, Finland .:. Berlin, Germany .:. London, UK .:. Budapest, Hungary



    1st of July, 2017 - Final Demo Day

    December, 2016 - March, 2017 - Semifinal Women Startup Competitions

    4th of April, 2017 - Online Application deadline

    19th of April, 2017 - Shortlist selection

    26-30th of June, 2017 - Preparation days

    1st of July, 2017 - Final Demo Day LONDON


    December, 2016 - March, 2017 - Semifinal Women Startup Competition:

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Berlin, Germany

    Vienna, Austria

    Warsaw, Poland

    Budapest, Hungary

  • Final Demo Day LONDON

    1st of July, 2017

  • Crowdfunding prize - Be a Hero!

    Crowdfunding Prize now stands at:

    76.02 Euros

    but you can help to amend it, by donating to the audience’s favorite startup. By buying this ticket, you can help to raise pocket money for one lucky team, voted by the audience at Women Startup Competition.

  • Special thanks for the Startup Pocket Money support to:

    Balla Eva .:. Werschitz Ottó .:. Aljarallah Mohammed .:. Bagińska Paulina .:. Matthiessen Maxie .:. Cabrera John Carolina .:. Alave Kristine .:. Choi Hyejeong .:. Norbert Szabo .:. Edina Kiss .:. byryby .:. Ayako Hasegawa .:. N Singh .:. Min Tan .:. Chen Liu .:. Kimberly Louise van Haalen .:. Sam Salih .:. Lola Liu .:. And you??



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    Ahmad Piraiee


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    Andrea Kurucz


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    Lisa-Marie Fassl


    Orsolya Anna Tóth


    Péter Szántó


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