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    4th Women Startup Competition Europe

    After the third events, here is the 4th Women Startup Competition Europe! A 5 day long women startup challenge, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary next Mach and April


    Get attention, grow woman praticipation, entrepreneurs and investors

    Women Startup Competition was founded in order to give an opportunity for female entrepreneurs, to meet the investors of their dreams. We created tradition especially for women, to get attention, based on their talent, competence and commitment.

    We aim to grow women participation in business and therefore, we give help to more and more women startups, to reach the biggest ratio that possible of women investors in the future.


    apply.shortlist.training.demo day

    At first, you apply. Than you can choose to try to win one of local WSC events or/and wait until the online jury will select a shortlist of applicants who will join us in Hungary for the big challenge. Winners will be selected by top startup influencers (chosen by online startup communities) and our panel of judges, based on their pitches and the potential success of each project.


    Startups with majority women

    Those startups may apply, where the majority of the founders are women or over 50% of the startup are owned by women.


    Heart of London

    Our 5 days preparation training we show you the most prominent startups scenes at Europe and the Demo Day will take place at heart of London.

    11 regional WSC events into next locations: Bucharest, Romania .:. Cluj Napoca, Romania .:. Krakow, Poland .:. Warsaw, Poland .:. Prague, Czech Republic .:. Vienna, Austria .:. Kotka, Finland .:. Berlin, Germany .:. London, UK .:. Belgrade, Serbia .:. Budapest, Hungary



    1st of July, 2017 - Final Demo Day

    December, 2016 - March, 2017 - Semifinal Women Startup Competitions

    • 8th of February, 2017 - Prague, Czech Republic
    • 14th of February, 2017 - Kotka, Finland
    • 21th of February, 2017 - Berlin, Germany 
    • 1st of March, 2017 - Vienna, Austria
    • 2nd of March, 2017 - Warsaw, Poland
    • 8th of March, 2017 - Budapest, Hungary

    4th of April, 2017 - Online Application deadline

    14th of April, 2017 - Shortlist selection

    26-30th of June, 2017 - Preparation days

    1st of July, 2017 - Final Demo Day LONDON

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