• Winners of the 4th Women Startup Competition final:

    Women Startup Competition were held in 2017 at:
    .:. Prague, Czech Republic .:. Kotka, Finland .:. Berlin, Germany .:. London, UK .:. Vienna, Austria .:. Warsaw, Poland .:. Budapest, Hungary .:.

    and the Demo Day in London

    PELVIFLY (POLAND) is an e-health pelvic floor muscle training tool. The wireless intravaginal probe cooperates with a mobile application.

    Congratulations for the second and third places to:

    FOPO (GERMANY) gives new life to expiring fruits and vegetables from groceries by drying & powdering them, preventing food waist.

    TWIPES (UNITED KINGDOM) is an anti-bacterial, eco-friendly toilet wipe that is fully water-dispersible, alcohol free, paraben free and don’t dry out.

    We gladly tell that the winner of the Crowdfunding prize is: FashionTouri

    Special opportunity of reaching the Chinese market from our jury member Mr. Bo Ji goes to: HeatVentors

    Thank you for all our sponsors and for the online donations!


  • What We Do


    Women Startup Competition Europe

    Women Startup Competition was founded in order to give an opportunity for female entrepreneurs and their team members, to meet the investors of their dreams.

    In every year the competition is growing thanks to that more than 10 regional Women Startup Competition pre-final events will be hold in 2018.

    The Final Demo Day in London take place on the 15th of September, 2018 where the finalists will participate in the 5-day training session and pitch their ideas.


    Get attention, grow woman praticipation, entrepreneurs and investors

    Increase your chances! All the winners from the local semi-final events get straight to the London Demo Day.

    Ask questions! All other attendees go through the same as you, you can benefit from the answers of each others' questions.

    Learn to please your audience! Optimize your application until the Demo Day.


    Be one of the finalists!


    The Registration just started for 2018 : https://www.f6s.com/5thwomenstartupcompetition


    Competition's official website: http://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/


    On Semifinal:

    Participate on 2 days bootcamp and then give a 2 minute pitch and receive feedback, advice and business opportunities from our industry expert panel. The winner will be selected to join us in London for a week long mentoring program and a Demo Day event - the big challenge. Winners will be selected by our panel of judges, based on your pitch and the potential success of each project.


    Teams can apply until one week before each Semifinal through F6S, where the winner goes directly to the Final London Demo day: https://www.f6s.com/5thwomenstartupcompetition


    Find all the local events here: http://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/#events

    Can’t find yours? Stay tuned as we will be announcing even more locations this month. Meanwhile, you can also register to the one closest to you!



    Startups with majority of women

    The only requirement set by the organizers is that the applicants must be: startup is lead by female or founders/co-founder(s) should be ladies or female founded startups or Women's share 50% of ownership or the team members has to be women (50%<) an equal gender diversity representation (50%-50%) within the entrepreneurial team or must identify as women in a way that’s significant to them.

    There are no thematic requirements: any idea owner, entrepreneur or startup can apply who believes that their idea might appeal to their target audience and attract investors. All applications are welcome!


    Heart of London

    We show you the most prominent startup scenes in Europe and the Demo Day in London.


    The regional WSC events is going to be held at:

    Prague, Czech Republic .:. Cluj-Napoca, Romania .:. Vantaa, Finland .:. Warsaw, Poland .:. London, UK .:. Vienna, Austria .:. Budapest, Hungary .:. Padua, Italy .:. Germany .:. Moscow, Russia .:.


    The next semi final Roadshow is already on, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the upcoming news!

  • EVENTS 2018

    More is coming!

    6-7th of February

    16-17th of February

    9-10th of March

    14-15th of March

    6-7th of April

    20-21st of April

    27-28th of April

    11-12th of May

    25-26th of May

    8-9th of June

  • Crowdfunding prize - We need Heroes!

    Crowdfunding Prize that the lucky Startup will win is now:

    73,39 Euros


    Help to win a bigger prize!

    Join us:

  • Special thanks for the Startup Pocket Money support to:

    Balla Eva .:. Werschitz Ottó .:. Aljarallah Mohammed .:. Bagińska Paulina .:. Matthiessen Maxie .:. Cabrera John Carolina .:. Alave Kristine .:. Choi Hyejeong .:. Norbert Szabo .:. Edina Kiss .:. byryby .:. Ayako Hasegawa .:. N Singh .:. Min Tan .:. Chen Liu .:. Kimberly Louise van Haalen .:. Sam Salih .:. Lola Liu .:. Daniel Ballin .:. Maria Draghici .:. Amal Ketata .:. Jason Brown .:. Zoe Bolton .:. Richard Harris .:. Sophie Wick .:. Melina Taguelmint .:. Natasha Kinshchak .:. Petr Palan .:. Виктор Агафонов .:. Alisia Stasi .:. Rutech Ventures Ltd .:. Jessica O'Reilly .:. Kye Hoan Lee .:. Wan-Ting Tseng .:. Emma Jones .:. Rachel Lee .:. Nathan Ganser .:. Adam Sawyer .:. Sofian Otmani .:. Ena Tokuyama .:. Andrea Solis .:. Norbert Angyal .:. Maud Cuenin .:. Agnes Czako .:.Adam Sawyer .:. Joly Zou .:. Ann Sawyer .:. Liduvina Betancor .:. Gabriel Ostend .:. Hana Otmani .:. Veroniki Zerva .:. Tane Dunlop .:. Sarah Jane Cass .:. Douglas Sawyer .:. Bo Ji .:. Marisol Escudero Martínez .:. Kate Gyongyver Giday .:. Gyongyver Giday .:. Filip Zajíček .:. Pavol Jurik

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    diversity, innovation, prosperity

    What is WSC about?

    We empower women to thrive in the business world.

    WSC acts as a catalyst enabling gender diverse startups to spring their business at the vulnerable early stage of inception, through the crucial seed investment until reaching market maturity.


    Mission statement:

    WSC’s mission is to foster entrepreneurial mindset amongst women, encourage innovation, empower female entrepreneurs, promote a gender diverse company culture, and to increase the ratio of women in leadership roles.

    We organize an international competition for gender diverse startups to be held in most European countries, some main cities in the US, China and Israel in 2018, but we are eager to take over the world!


    Apart from organizing the competition, we also operate as an incubator.

    We provide female founders with management training, go-to-market strategy and opportunities to meet their peers, investors and influencers.

    Our ultimate goal is to create an interactive worldwide community of women entrepreneurial role models.

    Feel inspired to join our movement?

    I'm a startup looking to enroll. -Registration.

    I'm a company looking to partner. -Partners.

    I'm an investor looking for startups. - Investors.

    I'm a volunteer/ ambassador looking to participate. - Ambassadors/ volunteers. (bloggers, photographs, on the site assistance)


    What is Women Startup Competition?

    WSC (Women Startup Competition) is the biggest event of its kind in Europe, where the ratio of female-founded startups is below 27%, and women investors represent as low as 7% of the funding scene. We invite gender-diverse startups (min. 50% has to be owned by women) from all over Europe to inspire, educate and unite female entrepreneurs, and to increase the aforementioned ratios.


    The aim of Women Startup Competition is to grow the presence of women in business, therefore we provide trainings and opportunities for more and more gender-diverse startups. We wish to grow Women Startup Competition worldwide and resupply the startup ecosystem with fresh projects and creative talent.


    Startups with a majority of females amongst its founders/co-founders may apply, along with female founded startups, or where 50% of the ownership belongs to women, or where at least 50% of the members are women, or where an equal gender diversity representation (50%-50%) can be found within the entrepreneurial team.

    How can you apply?

    If your team matches the requirements, register with your startup or idea on f6s.com and you can apply here: https://www.f6s.com/5thwomenstartupcompetition

    What is the application deadline?

    Application closes one week before each semi-final.

    How are the events built up?

    Startups can apply to pitch at one of our semi-final events around Europe. After the 1,5-day long mini Bootcamp, the local pitch competition’s winner is automatically selected for the finals in London.


    Finalists participate in a 5-day long mentoring and training session (Bootcamp) to develop their project and improve their skills. They prepare for presenting their startup right after the Bootcamp, at the Demo Day in front of the international Jury.

    Is it required to participate in a semi-final before the final event?

    Yes. :)

    Who can pitch at the semi-final and final?

    Any female member who can represent the startup properly.

    How much time do you have to pitch?

    Your presentation consists of a 2 minute-long pitch and a 4 minute Q & A, where you will be asked questions about your project.

    In which languages can you pitch?

    English is the official language of our events. Therefore we use this language at all of our trainings, mentoring and require the pitches to be presented in English as well.

    What should your presentation include?

    In most cases, the presentation should include: the problem, the solution, the business model, the method of spreading it in the market, the competitors, your team and what you need for the next step.

    Can you check the pitches of the previous years?

    Of course, you can find them on our Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/2ATLEHT

    From which stage can you enter the competition?

    You can register from any stage. The jury will select startups with best ideas and where the team is already established.

    Do you need a confirmation before coming to participate in the semi-final and final?

    Yes, you will receive an official confirmation and invitation via f6s.com

    What materials can a presentation include?

    Any material can be used that may help you in presenting your idea in 2 minutes. (powerpoint presentation, pdf presentation, short video, tangible product)

    Does the startup need to be established?

    No, but it can be an advantage when it comes to investors’ and sponsors’ support.

    Is the higher percentage of women members an advantage?

    No, our only aim is a balanced gender diversity.

    If there will be no semi-final in your country, can you enter another country’s?

    Sure, you can choose any semi-final to participate in.

    Who will be in the jury?

    International and local startup geeks, venture capitalists, angel investors, innovation lab leaders of top companies.

    Is there a possibility to watch the pitches in person?

    We are looking forward to welcoming anybody in our audience.

    What prizes do the winners get?

    Our aim is to provide valuable, necessary devices, useful gadgets and services for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd team which can help them in their everyday lives and growing.

    In the previous years, the prizes were: a Macbook Air, an Apple iPad, a Chinese investor program, European coworking passes, Timeular time trackers, etc.

    Besides these, one other startup receives the so called Crowdfunding prize which is collected by donations.

    Last but not least, all our winners and the majority of our finalists received investment after the Demo Day.